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I’m probably going to delete this fucking blog tonight because I’m not allowed to do anything. 

To the person who sent me that anon earlier, thank you. You ruined my life. 

I am not allowed to have friends.

I literally just want to have a meaningful conversation with someone to help me get through this fucking bullshit but I am afraid to ask anyone for anything. What the fuck is this website even good for?

I’m not gonna lie, if I wasn’t in my last semester of college, I would be checking myself into a hospital right now.

Hey Ali, you can go fuck yourself.

Knowing your girlfriend is happy with you only “maybe about 10% of the time” is an unreal fucking feeling. 

Anonymous: You're beautiful and I love you

Thanks anon! Talk about a self esteem boost ;)

To Do list

Go home
Meal prep
Possibly go food shopping
Write my paper
Go to sleep wicked fucking early